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Thank You for choosing Digital Consulting KC to get your site to the top of search engines! We’re excited to partner with you to help increase your ROI! We'll get your site better rankings and increased traffic in no time. Because SEO is a complicated process, we want to walk you through the processes to avoid any confusion down the road. Below are some Kansas City SEO Services that we provide. Get your Kansas City SEO rank up today!

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  • The Top Google Search Rank Factors in 2015

    When creating a website, the Google search ranking is always at the top of the priority list. Everyone wants a better ranking on Google search results. This is why people are always looking for ways to make that happen. There have been certain guidelines that people have been following to increase their chances of better rankings. However, these guidelines are not set in stone and are subject to change. Here is a look at some of the factors that have influenced Google rankings in the year-


    This is one of the things that always remain constant over the years. The kind of content on a website contributes a great deal to its search results rankings. Good quality content is always a big boost when it comes to ranking. This year’s research has shown that the depth of the content is also essential. An element like the sentence count is also an attribute.


    The use keywords has always been emphasized when doing SEO. The contribution of keyword on Google rankings has shifted a little. Keywords are still critical when it comes to titles and outlining the subject. Now the density of the keywords is not as important as it used to be.

    Social media use

    The use of social media platforms is also an element that affects site rankings. The number of tweets or Facebook likes a page has will affect its position in search results ranks. More use of social media platforms on websites has yielded positive results.

    Better detailed pages also seem to have better rankings as research shows. There are sites that include images and videos in their content. More word count on pages is also a factor that contributes to better Google rankings. The language used is also very important. Language that is easy and simple will get a page better ranking on Google search results. As time changes, so does everything else; this why it is important to know what matters when creating a website.

    SEO Services





    Number of key phrases optimizedUp to 30Up to 80Up to 150  Custom  
    Key phrase researchCustom
    Predictive keyword analysisCustom
    Meta tags (Title & description)Custom
    Optimization of robots.txt & Google Bot crawlsCustom
    Creation & registrations of sitemap.xmlCustom
    Quarterly content asset links or long
    form/skyscraper content assets
    1 link or content asset2 link or content asset3 link or content assetCustom
    Google+ business profile
    Quarterly Google+ stream updates235Custom
    100+ Online Directory listing
    Information architecture audit Custom
    Google Analytics setup w/ conversion
    Google Analytics traffic analysisCustom
    Creation of Google Analytics custom
    3 Dashboards5 Dashboards10 DashboardsCustom
    Not provided filter / Not provided
    analysis reporting
    Local search optimizationCustom
    Setup of website sitemapCustom
    Alternate text added to imagesCustom
    Link redirect auditCustom
    Initial copywriting articles or blog
    TweaksUp to 8 PagesUp to 20 PagesCustom
    Ongoing quarterly copywriting Up to 3 PagesUp to 8 Pages
    Quarterly web page freshness updates Custom
    Initial link analysis and disavowCustom
    Dedicated account representativeCustom
    Online project management scheduleCustom
    Ongoing monthly keyword reportingCustom
    Ongoing monthly traffic & goal reportingCustom
    Ongoing monthly coupon reportingCustom
    Ongoing monthly traffic & goal
    Google data highlightsCustom
    Canonicalization analysisCustom

    Competitor intelligence report


    SEO Services





    Internal linking restructuring Custom
    Linkable content promotion Custom
    Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s) Custom
    Duplicate content analysis Custom
    Social media monitoring software  Custom
    Keyword rank checker access
    (Updates weekly
    Website usability analysis  Custom
    Universal SEO (Video, Maps,
    Guest blogging  Custom
    Link reclamation  Custom
    Creation of text navigation  Custom
    Website call tracking  Custom QuoteCustom
    Website design analysis  Custom
    Video and image xml sitemaps  Custom
    Integration of blog w/ RSS  Get Quote
    Link baiting  Get Quote
    Website conversion analysis
    Custom QuoteCustom QuoteCustom QuoteGet Quote
    Keyphrases guaranteed on 1st page
    results of Google
    41020Get Quote
    Initial campaign investment: (The First 2 Months)$3,000-$3,500$4,500-$5,000$7,000-$8,000Get Quote
    Progressive monthly optimization (1 yr commitment):$400$600$1000Get Quote

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    Google Analytics is the best product out there for tracking and analyzing traffic and your visitors’ behavior on your site. Every report we send you moving forward will incorporate Google Analytics reports and will serve as the basis for all analysis we'll do on your site and any online marketing recommendations we make. If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, we will create one for you. If you do, we'll make sure all of the pages on your site have Google Analytics tracking installed and all appropriate goals and goal funnels are configured properly for optimal analysis. In addition, we will work with you to place a value on each goal and identify your most lucrative keywords. Goal tracking allows us to track salient online traffic sources and number of leads that come to your business via the website, which helps us improve our SEO efforts to target those visitors most likely to convert into customers.

    Keywords-ResearchKEYWORD RESEARCH

    We'll begin our keyword research with your initial keyword list and your Google Analytics data.
    We will plug your primary keywords in our tools in order to be provided with all of the variants of these keywords in order to determine what your customers are actually querying when searching for your services. We'll discover every combination of keywords that describes your business, and analyze the search volume and competition for each. We'll ask you for a preliminary list of keywords that people would use to find your business. This gives us a good starting point for our keyword research and allows us to know what areas on which you wish to focus.


    The first report you’ll receive from us is the Website Analysis Report. We will begin the process of optimizing your site by reviewing your website at both the on-page and server levels in order to determine the best strategy moving forward. This analysis helps us identify any problems your site may be encountering that are hindering your site’s ability to rank, and we’ll let you know exactly what needs to be done to remedy the situation. We will implement all of our recommendations for you, so there is no action needed on your part in this phase – unless you opt to make the changes on your site yourself.

    Competitive-AnalysisPRE-OPTIMIZATION REPORT

    Once all of our keywords are selected, we'll immediately run a ranking report to show where your site ranks for those terms in addition to current organic traffic volume, prior to implementation of our optimization tactics. This report will serve as a baseline that we will compare against the one we run after the initial optimization is complete.

    Keywords-SelectionKEYWORD SELECTION

    Once we have a solid list of keywords (a combination of your keyword suggestions and our researched keywords),
    we'll send it over to you for approval. You should identify any false positives (such as services on which you don’t wish to focus).
    Be aware that awkward keywords are highly likely because we are targeting search queries, not sensible phrases.
    People search for some pretty awkward things, and we want to get you on the front page for those highly-searched terms!
    Sixteen percent of searches each day have never been searched before. Therefore, it’s important to not disregard any variations of your most important keywords. It’s best practice to incorporate ‘long-tail’ keywords into your overall keyword list. These keywords consist of 4-5 words and tend to convert at a much higher level due to their specificity. We'll find the keywords that will bring you the most qualified traffic that you have the best chance to rank for and make our recommendations accordingly.



    Once our keyword list and page assignments are complete, we'll add the keywords into key elements of the pages on your site: the title tags and Meta descriptions. The title tag is the text you see at the top of your browser window when you look at a web page, as well as the big blue text that serves as the title of your search engine result listing. The title tag is a key factor in search engines’ results because search engines recognize that the title of the page is indicative of what the entire page is about. Meta descriptions are the short paragraphs (what Google calls ‘snippets’) under your title in your search engine result listing. Digital Consulting KC can write your titles and meta descriptions in a captivating way that will catch the eye of any searcher looking through the search results pages.


    We will create what we like to call a “Keyword Mapping Report”. This spreadsheet will outline our plan for keyword placement and serves as the foundation of our strategy moving forward. We will attribute keywords to the most appropriate pages based on relevant content and level of importance. For example, we'll place the most competitive and most searched-for terms on the homepage, as the search engines recognize your homepage as the most important page on your site and will give it extra weight.
    Since search engines rank on a page level, at times, additional pages are needed in order to support the keywords we have selected. If this is the case, we will outline any new page recommendations within the Keyword Mapping Report.


    (if applicable)
    If you already have sufficient pages on your website, we may not require any new ones!
    However, since search engines rank on a page-level and it is important to not stuff too many keywords on one page, many times additional pages of copy are a necessary addition to the overall optimization strategy. Our creative and talented copywriting team will write these new pages for you and we will create and implement the new web pages accordingly.
    If more new pages are necessary than are included in your plan, we can add these a la carte for you (or you can opt to write them yourself – we’ll provide guidance, don’t worry!).

    Keyword addit on to copyKEYWORD ADDITIONS TO WEBSITE COPY

    In addition to titles and meta descriptions, it is extremely important to add keywords into the body content of the page. Search engines will deem your page irrelevant if the keyword we're targeting isn't included in the text on the page! It is important to ensure any and all copy on your site is unique, and does not mirror content from any other site on the web. We will determine which pages are in need of additional copy and/or keyword insertion and will create unique, quality content to be added to each of these pages. In order to streamline this process, we will discuss with you the keywords we find on your website, along with our additional recommendations as well. Once we agree on the keyword additions, we will implement them onto the site verbatim.

    Crawler analysis and reportingCRAWL ERRORS & HTTP STATUS CODES RECTIFICATION

    Search engines want to know your site is well-maintained before sending users there. It is for this reason that crawl errors and erroneous HTTP status codes can affect your site’s ability to rank. We will discover any rectifiable crawl errors and HTTP status codes to ensure optimal usability. Additionally, we will normalize any URLs causing duplicate content on your site.

    404 page developmentCUSTOM 404 ERROR PAGE

    We can create, or optimize, a custom 404 error page for your website. A 404 page is put in place so that when a page is requested on your domain that does not exist, both users and search engines are directed to a page that allows for a continual flow on your site so they may continue browsing with ease. The custom 404 page we create for you will embrace the same look and feel as your site and will direct them back to the actual pages on your website (mirroring that of a sitemap). Prior to the creation of a custom 404 page, when a non-existent page is requested, a blank page appears providing users with a "404 Server Error/Page Not Found" reflecting no affiliation with your website. Since search engines do not have the ability to click the ‘back’ button, they are forced to leave your site and no longer crawl the pages within, likewise, users are likely to become frustrated and leave your site entirely. A custom 404 error page encourages users and search engines to stay on your site and continue viewing actual pages.


    Immediately after we launch your initial SEO campaign, we'll provide you with a report detailing all of the steps we have taken to optimize your site. All of the initial contract deliverables will have been completed at this point, and monthly progressive optimization will begin.
                           We will also send you an update on any traffic and ranking improvements we have seen. You will receive your second invoice at launch as well.

    Google+ Page CreationGOOGLE+ PROFILE CREATION

    Moving forward the Google+ social network will undoubtedly continue to influence Google's search results for your business. We will setup and enhance your Google+ business profile as well as update your Google+ stream on a quarterly basis to ensure an active profile and support your SEO campaign. We recommend keeping your profile updated on a more regular basis with stream updates, comments, +1's and responses to users, in addition to the posts we will create for you.

    Monthly Optimization websitePROGRESSIVE MONTHLY OPTIMIZATION

    In order to stay ahead of your competitors, keep those rankings high and keep those leads coming in, you NEED to continually and consistently be optimizing your site. Within your progressive monthly optimization, we will work continuously to improve upon the rankings,


    Two months after launch, we'll send a report that compares your newly acquired rankings and organic traffic with that of the pre-optimization report. If you’re not too busy answering all your new inquiries from the website, you'll see just how effective our campaign has been thus far!


    Links from other sites are the most important factor Google considers when ranking websites, and links from trusted sites that deal specifically with your topic are the most valuable of all. You can view links to your site as a ‘vote’ for your site. The more trustworthy a site is, the more trustworthy that link is in Google’s eyes. Each quarter, we will compose and distribute articles to webmasters and bloggers around the web for inclusion on their sites.
    Each article will be written specifically about your industry and include a link back to your site. We will provide for you a variety of link types and link sources for a natural back link profile. Continued link building is pivotal to maintaining and improving the rankings we achieved with our initial blitz.

    SEO Project Launch PROJECT KICKOFF

    Now that we've gone over the SEO process, let's get started! We’ll set up a call with you to review everything and answer any and all questions you may have. Thank you again for choosing Digital Consulting KC!
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