Customer Experience Trends You’re Seeing This Year in 2016

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Customer Experience Trends Youre Seeing This Year

Customer Experience Trends You’re Seeing This Year in 2016

If you’re running a business, it’ time to consider what these 3 customer-experience and advertising fads that are popular so far in 2016.

1. Customers think holistically; you should, too

In 2015, business remained to struggle with a silo mentality. Workers operated solely within their jurisdiction, not recognizing the totality of a customer’s experience with their brand name.

2016 has no room for barriers between divisions. The encounter your clients are anticipating to have with your brand prolongs far beyond their contact us to your client service hotline. Get prepared: Every touch point your consumer has with your brand or company will certainly be thoughted of as a part of their customer experience.

Exactly what they are seeing, feeling, as well as experiencing will certainly end up being the duty of every individual at your organization.

2. Deliver great experiences– not simply claims

In the past, the emphasis of a good brand name encounter was based upon the toughness of your claim and assurance: “Our product can fulfill all your demands.” Yet, to associate to your customers in 2016, you will certainly have to shift your emphasis from being “claims-driven” to “experience-driven.”.

Just what you have to state concerning your product no much longer holds up against the encounters your clients are having and sharing with their connections throughout social network sites.

Don’t get me incorrect, marketing and also brilliant advertising are still necessary; however clients currently hold the loudspeaker and will certainly not be reluctant sharing their in-store, online, and application experience with anybody and every person. The viewpoints they voice could far surpass the claims your brand name makes.

Daily, your clients are going to inform you specifically what’s functioning, just what lookings for to be repaired, and also just what must be thoughted of as in the future. As we start the new year, place your company to provide a customer encounter that much exceeds any type of claim you can make.

3. Design is your brand-new best buddy.

When you listen to the word “design,” what comes to mind? Graphic design? Web sites? Print? Uber ?!

Uber is a logistics business that has actually used the design globe to make your life simpler as well as make you really feel unique. You do not require money, you do not need to tip, as well as you could call everything from a sedan to a limousine. Its consumer experience is created to take into consideration that we currently lug our mobile phones a lot more than we do cash. It understands we prefer to ride in tidy, comfy autos, as well as that we desire a car ahead when you need it– whenever and anywhere.

That is just what establishes Uber apart– its simplicity of usage and sophistication of style and design.

clients are going to anticipate you to identify their requirements and demonstrate that you recognize them. They desire tailored on the internet purchasing encounters and also apps that auto-populate material of passion to them. Basically, consumers are growing accustomed to being recognized as human beings and also requiring encounters designed with their humankind in mind.


You will certainly require to demonstrate that your organization has actually moved beyond listening if your business is to draw in and also preserve the passion of customers this year. You will need to actively make encounters that show an understanding of their requirements, desires, and actions.


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