Lessons Learned from Facebook Posts in The Past Year

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Lessons Learned from Facebook Posts in The Past Year

Lessons Learned from Facebook Posts in The Past Year

Here you will find lessons learned from Facebook posts in the past year. Learning where to put information in the post and how to attract your target audience is your ultimate goal, its even better when you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to get your message to them.

Elements of Facebook Posts:

  1. Featured Picture

facebook posts

Use clear, eye catching pictures. Pictures with people in them that are looking at them as they scroll through their news feed. Or for example the picture above which is mixing work with the serenity of the outdoors, the computer is open and the screen is blank, this leaves the reader to fill in the blank or wonder what the details of the article are about. Your image should represent your marketing message in order to keep the topic focused.

2. Copy

Be persuasive, talk to your target audience, engage them, get them involved with the post. Use words like “Hey” and “who”, ask questions, get them thinking about the topic of your post.

For example the heading of the post would read:

“Writer’s block? Boost your content with theses 212 blog post ideas, applicable to any niche”
This ad is speaking to people who blog. With the copy, we wanted to speak to a pain point – writer’s block.
We then gave them a benefit for clicking with the “Boost your content with these 212 blog post ideas”.
Lastly, overcoming the objection that these ideas may not work for them by adding “applicable to any niche”.

3. The Top Caption

Address your audience with a problem and the solution. Get on their level and show them you know what they are going through and your company is here to help! For example:

“Want more clicks from your Social Media posts? Download our 72 headline swipe file.”

4. Call To Action

After you state the problem and solution in the caption, where your audience should be looking after the picture catches their attention, you have one more chance below the picture to restate the problem and convince them to click the post for information that will help them in the future better understand how to deal with whatever the problem and solution might be that the post is about. For example:

“The Machine is Closing! Don’t miss out…” and “We’re Closing it Down”.


Learn more about these topics here.


In conclusion your posts to Facebook should include pointing out a problem, offering a solution, giving a call to action, and sharing new, relevant information. If you follow all of these steps you will surely create a credible customer consumer relationship and gain new business!

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