The Four Most Compelling Design Trends for 2020

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The Four Most Compelling Design Trends for 2020

In anticipation of the new year, we at 99designs take a seat every December as a team to predict design fads for the upcoming year. Of course, we do not pull those patterns out of thin air. We obtain suggestions from our talented global community of designers, as well as we dispute the values of potential trends with wonderful roughness.

The intriguing part of that procedure? Layout trends are frequently the result of changes in modern technology, pop culture, and also the political environment; as we explore, we reveal styles a measure of larger social shifts. And, this year, there have actually been some doozies.

With that, we offer to you 4 of one of the most compelling style fads we see influencing 2018.

  1. Organic

Demand for health food and other organic products has been on the rise for years, as well as 2018 will certainly be no various. That standard change has greatly influenced design as well as will continuously do so.


Surprisingly, organic style stands in opposition to the mainstream desire for tidy, minimalist design. For example, we see it shown up in classic style, which could help brand names accomplish a top-shelf look with timeless information that give an air of difference as well as refinement.

Along similar lines, we assume you’ll see more natural layout in the form of “doodles” and also hand-drawn art. Their smart feel evokes sensations of residence as well as childhood years and general offers brand names a major case of cozy, approachable fond memories.

Finally, we forecast that this natural fad will certainly work its method right into digital photography. Gathering inspiration from Facebook Live as well as other unfiltered, slice-of-life technology, photos are coming to be less presented and also more infused with realistic look, imperfections, and also emotional moments.


Vintage beverage label style by designer Mila Katagarova for Barncrofts of London


Doodle style by designer Melvas

  1. Mobile-First

The quick increase of mobile browsing (and a countless array of tools and display sizes) produced critical functionality problems for conventional websites, laying the groundwork for responsive style. In 2016, customers accessed the Internet a lot more frequently on mobile than desktop devices; the globe has now formally (well, “statistically”) transitioned to mobile-first layout.

Layout trends in previous years highlighted a receptive approach to website style– which is still important– yet in 2018 we’ll consider mobile phones prior to we think of desktops. Firms are going to consider how their website looks on an apple iphone and transition that experience onto the desktop, rather than vice-versa.

In the world of logo style, receptive logo designs will remain to be a thing. In the past few years, companies have been revitalizing their once-unalterable logo designs into different modern, streamlined versions that are both optimized for numerous distribution techniques as well as still instantly recognizable.


Responsive logo layout inspiration by developer Joe Harrison

  1. Activity

Computer animated clip art has actually come a long way, developing to fit in wonderfully with the modern-day Web in the form of the GIF as well as leading to motion in visuals style.

2017 was, believe it or not, the 30th wedding anniversary of the GIF. As adoption amongst marketing experts as well as customers remains to expand, we see this trend continuing right into 2018. As well as, allow’s face it, there have been lots of world events and resulting feelings this previous year to which words alone can underestimate. GIFs add rate of interest to advertisements, e-mail newsletters, pictures, icons, as well as logo designs (not to mention memes).

Computer animated GIF logos have actually end up being a trend of their own, and also it’s easy to see why: They’re incredibly luring.


Computer animated Uber wordmark logo by designer Nicholas Girard

  1. Complexity

When Pantone announced its 2018 color of the year– Ultra Violet Purple– Lee Eisenman, executive supervisor of the Pantone Color Institute, informed Co.Design, “We’re in an intricate time; this is an intricate shade.” We couldn’t concur a lot more.

Over the last couple of years, level design has actually reigned supreme, yet slopes are making a large return in 2018, reviving complexity as well as depth we haven’t seen in current times. Last time slopes were about, they were seen primarily through Material Design and refined shielding to suggest 3D (Apple’s iOS symbols were a fantastic example). Now, slopes allow, loud and also filled with shade.

One of the most prominent current manifestation is a gradient filter over images– a fantastic means to make a less-interesting photo look interesting. A basic slope background can also be the ideal on-trend remedy if you do not have other pictures to collaborate with.

We’re also seeing a boosted use of the term “shade shifts” when describing gradients. Though the terms seem to be made use of reciprocally, “color change” regularly describes the modern application, which is vivid, smooth and “flatter”– fitting within flat-design appearances.

One more fad we discovered adding deepness and also intricacy are darkness, which are formally back for 2018. Like gradients, darkness were placed on the back burner as we removed realistic look as well as skeuomorphism from our designs in favor of severe minimalism as well as two-dimensional style.


Complicated card design for the Galaxii video game app by developer boorykin

* * *

So, there you have it, the future of layout in 2018 summed up in 800 words. If you’ve amassed ideas from these basic style patterns, see category-specific trends we’ve identified for 2018 in logo style, packaging design, and Web style.

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