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Website Design

If you are a small to medium size business or just starting out in Kansas City, we are your Digital Marketing Specialist!

  • Personalized plans and packages tailored to meet your individual web design needs and fit within your budget
  • Unique, award-winning designs and layouts from the most knowledgeable, highly-talented web designers in the industry
  • Web design services ranging from website design and redesign projects to business blog designs and social media profile design all with conversions for you in mind


  1. Why do visitors currently come to my website?
  2. Is my website easy to navigate and is it easy to find information?
  3. Are my current website visitors being converted into sales?
  4. Does my existing website make it easy for website visitors to contact me?
  5. Does the content on my website deliver the right message?
  6. Is my website a good representation of my business?
  7. Does my current website instill trust and confidence in my business or brand?
  8. Am I easily able to update my website?
  9. Are visitors who come to my website being tracked and analyzed?
  10. Are competitors’ websites more functional and have they recently been redesigned?

In some cases a website realign might be needed.

More and more businesses are recognizing the need to cater for the mobile and tablet market as mobile web traffic promises to overtake desktop traffic by 2016.  The modern age of tablet devices and smartphones has allowed business owners to be accessible to their consumers 24/7, regardless if their potential clients are on the road. Mobile devices are becoming the most-used gadget when it comes to browsing the internet. Responsive web design is used to describe the manner of developing a site in such a way where the layout of the site provides flexibility to the user, regardless of the screen resolution of the user’s browser.

Search engine optimization is critical when trying to generate traffic to your website. Whether you’re a business owner, a personal blog owner, or just someone with a profession in art that wants to show off your work, optimizing your site to perform well in search rankings, may just be essential to your success. Check out our SEO CONSULTING SERVICES

Be Responsive!

We design responsive websites because we know the importance of having your customers view your website on a smart phone or tablet.

Responsive Web Design
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How Much Does A Website Cost?

Pricing web design can be tricky. Your design services pricing can vary depending upon several factors, including the number of pages on the site, the complexity of the design, logo design services, if multimedia like sound, video, or Flash is required, and search engine optimization services.

Website Pricing Options

Important Factors that Contribute to Website Cost

When trying to budget web design costs there are a number of factors to consider:

  • How prepared are you – do you have a detailed requirements document?
  • Is this a brand new site or a redesign?
  • Do you need a blog or content management functionality (CMS)?
  • Do you have graphics already created for the site?
  • Do you want the site to automatically resize for mobile and tablets?
  • Do you need multimedia (Flash, video, etc.) on the site?
  • How much content do you have and how much do you need created?
  • Do you need other special features like social media channels, SEO, ecommerce, or something else?
  • Who is going to maintain the site after it has been launched?

Itemized Web Design Pricing and Options

Start your website strategy with us today by making a project request quote.