Itemized Web Design Pricing and Options


Low PriceHigh PriceNotes
Initial Package   
Domain Name$14/year$34 /2 years 
Hosting$10/mo$32/moDepending on traffic & hosting services
Web Planning, Design and Development time60 hours and up This is for mainly frame work and foundation of each page and working element of the website.
Continued Website Maintenance$200/mo$900/moDepending on number/type of updates required
Marketing your Website Online$750/month and up This will include custom design of online marketing ad's. Implementation of the ads and provide tracking and stats reports
Additional Features   
Interface Design$1,200/year$3,500/yearVisual Design, incorporating the company's brand. The designer will show several options and then modify those based on feedback.
Images and Graphics$10$100$10 for stock images, $100 for high-end ones. Budget at least $100 for stock images. Can make a huge difference for your website.
Stock Icons and Buttons$50 and up Important for complementing the design.
Mobile and Responsive Design20% more than desktop site30% more than desktop siteAutomatically adjust their layout for mobile devices. Designs the site for various devices, programmer program the designs and runs tests.
Content Creation and Insertion$100/ page$150/pageAdd company's content, adjust the layout of the text.
Custom Content Management Systems$2,000$20,000Content management systems (CMS). PHP-based open-source CMS solutions like Drupal and WordPress
Training and Documentation$400$1,500Instruction on how to edit/maintain site content
Blog/Social Media$500$2,500Blog--within website. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc.
E-Commerce$1,500$5,000Shopping carts, catalogs, payment processing.
Email Marketing Campaigns$720 Email management tool, email blast template design
Branding/Identity Development$900$3,500Logo design. 8 hours, 6 rough logo concepts.
Style Guides$1,440 Establishes brand consistency. Provides a guide for print collateral and online marketing.
Targeted Landing Pages$450 and up Promote specific product/service
News Feeds$400 Your content (outgoing) and adding content to the site (incoming)
Contact Forms and Suveys$300 and up Create custom lead generation forms to gather new customer info.
News Letters$400$900 
Advertising Integration$200 Google AdWords
Photo Gallery$250$500 
Metrics$200$2,000Google analytics, custom reports
SEO$500$4,000On-page optimization, off-page submission to search engines to search engines, etc.
Small Business Website$2,000-$4,000$10,000-$20,00015% Planning/ 25% Interface design, 40% Programming, 20% Project Management
Maintenance Cost$250$1000Designer/developer on call for problems. Creating new images, content for Social media.

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